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Avoiding Run-Ins With The Law

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Hiring A Family Law Firm When You Need A Divorce In Canada

Right now, close to 40 percent of marriages in Canada end in divorce. Maintaining a marriage is difficult, and people often are met with irreconcilable differences that preclude them from living together happily ever after. This is a crushing blow and one that requires your attention as you transition into your unmarried life. The first part of this rebuilding process involves getting legal help so that you can protect your rights and outcomes. Here are some strategies to help you with your divorce. 

Assess the fallout of your marriage as you figure out your rights and desired outcomes

The dissolution of your marriage requires taking a hard look at your lifestyle, business, financial interests, and career path. Understanding where you stand gives you a much better grounding of what sort of divorce you will go through.

According to Canada's Family Law Act, you must formally observe a separation period of a year. That separation can include people still living together, as long as they sleep in separate bedrooms or otherwise formalize the split. You both share a right to the household property even if one of you moves out and leaves. 

During the year of separation, work with your soon-to-be-ex about how you can come to terms on a fair divorce. If your spouse isn't willing to negotiate or you have a difficult set of circumstances to overcome, you'll definitely need to familiarize yourself with the law. Always think on an individual basis since each person's divorce needs differ.

For instance, a single father interested in a fair shake or custody will have different needs than other individuals. They would also require a family lawyer that specializes in father's rights. Finding the right lawyer starts with understanding Canada's Family Law Act and any laws of your province. 

Bring an attorney in that can help you address your case

Your lawyer should not only specialize in the needs that you have, but they should also be professional and fully vetted. Start with the consultation and understand their fees upfront. People in Canada pay their divorce lawyer $2,000 once it's all said and done in most cases. 

See the case to the finish and understand how the circumstances will affect your life moving forward. You'll likely need to come to some sort of child support agreement if you share children together. 

Use these tips so that you can get the most from a divorce. For more advice on making your divorce go as smoothly as possible, talk to a family lawyer in your area.