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Avoiding Run-Ins With The Law

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How To Sway The Case In Your Favor When Fighting For Child Custody

A judge can award child custody to you or your ex-spouse, depending on the facts you present in court. To get a favorable outcome in your case, you need to develop an action plan that will enable you to outwit your partner in court. The first crucial step when handling such a case is to contact a family lawyer for advice. In addition, the following measures will help you achieve a favorable outcome. 

Engage Your Lawyer in Every Step of the Case

While you can represent yourself and get an acceptable outcome in a child custody case, working with a professional legal advisor might yield better results. An attorney dealing with family law and guardianship will advise you on how to handle the issue effectively. Through their help, you'll be able to avoid costly mistakes that might make your partner get more parental rights. Essentially, your attorney represents you in court during the hearings and makes submissions on your behalf. They will argue your case in the best way possible and convince the judge that you deserve to get enough time with your children.

Document Everything Involving Your Kids

Documentation is essential in acquiring useful evidence to support your case. For instance, you need information regarding your partner's negative behaviors to demonstrate that you're the best-suited parent to take full custody of the kids. So, if they have been abusing you or your children, you should record their actions and present the evidence in court during the hearing. This information might prompt the judge to rule the case in your favor, especially if they feel your kids will be in danger when living with your partner. The court might also give your ex-spouse conditions for visiting your house to ensure they don't hurt you or your kids.

Collaborate With Your Partner

Many parents lose child custody cases for failing to cooperate with their partners. This mistake makes the court assume that the defiant parent does not care about their children. Therefore, if you want to win child custody, work together with your partner until the end of your case. Even if you resent the divorce, always consider yourself when negotiating children's issues. Doing so portrays that you have the kids' best interest at heart. And if the emotions overwhelm you, let your child custody lawyer represent you in the meetings. 

Although the judge has the final word in child custody cases, you can influence their decision by the steps you take. For example, taking the measures above may sway the case in your favor. But do not forget to consult your family law attorney over decisions pertaining to your kids.